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There are millions of deaf people in the world, yet deaf individuals often face challenges linked to communication barriers and stigmatisation. Deaf awareness means becoming more aware of these challenges and working to be a more inclusive society where the deaf community can thrive and contribute fully.

By becoming deaf-aware, we promote equality, as it acknowledges the rights of deaf people to access information, education, and services without discrimination.

Who benefits from Deaf Awareness?

Literally everyone! Everyone will benefit as the barriers and challenges start to reduce. Deaf colleagues, family and friends of deaf people, education providers, colleagues, and service providers. We can all work together to promote equality and make everyone feel more comfortable and confident with communication, regardless of their level of hearing.

Our deaf awareness course is a training course aimed at increasing your knowledge and understanding of deaf awareness. During the session, you will learn:

  • Facts and Figures
  • Legislation
  • The Models of Disability
  • Types of deafness
  • Hearing equipment
  • Communication Methods
  • Gaining Attention
  • Some BSL!

This course is ideal for individuals, groups of friends, workplaces and community organisations. 

This bespoke course can be tailored to your individual needs and include specialist training for your workplace. 

Face-to-Face Course

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