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One of our core goals is to support businesses to build a more robust, happier and more confident workforce for our clients. All of our courses are built by experts who focus on creating a holistic training course that focus on the wellbeing of learners and empowerment them to be confident when upskilling.

Bespoke Training Packages

We know that each company has unique needs; therefore, their staff require specific training for your sector. That’s why we can create bespoke course packages based on your team’s needs. All you need to do is pick your courses, and we will make you a bundle, or you can select from our existing bundles.

Recognising the distinct requirements of each company, we understand that tailored training is essential for your sector. Hence, we offer the flexibility to design customised course packages that align precisely with your team’s needs. Simply choose your desired courses, and we’ll curate a bespoke bundle for you. Alternatively, you can opt for pre-existing bundles from our selection.

All of our courses are fully accredited, meaning they have been reviewed and certified by an independent partner, providing peace of mind that our courses are industry-leading and meet the highest standards.

Benefits of our Courses to Employers

Builds resilience
Increase employee retention
Supports positive wellbeing
Improved workplace relationships
Develops a sense of achievement and self-belief
Reduce staff stress and burnout levels
Support Continual Professional Development
Increases knowledge around diversity within the workplace and its many benefits
Supporting cognitive development and upskilling
Increased communication skills

So, Why Choose Complete Training?

At Complete Training, we believe in working hard to ensure our courses meet and exceed our client’s expectations. We achieve this by going above and beyond the client’s expectations to create a learning environment that is intuitive, accessible, and engaging.

By choosing Complete Training as your trusted training partner, you benefit from the following:

Accredited courses monitored by external associations.

Simple and effective Continued Professional development for your team.

Courses designed to meet your needs in your sector of work.

24/7 access to self-directed courses.

 A platform that is accessible on multiple devices for those always on the move.

Bespoke course packages based on your team’s needs (simply pick your courses and will make you a bundle or select from our existing bundles).

Downloadable individual certificates to evidence learning and the option to purchase a printed certificate.

New courses are continually being added.

Unmatched value for money!

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