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Introduction to BSL

Welcome to an ‘Introduction to British Sign Language (BSL)’

We recommend that you complete no more than one/two lessons each week, or once every two weeks, to allow you time to absorb and practice what you have learnt.

This course includes tutorials, videos for you to watch, printable reference sheets to remind you of the signs, and an assessment at the end of each section. You can retake each assessment as often as you like to try to improve on your previous score.

To gain the most from this course, it is expected that participants will take time away from the course to practise the signs that are taught to be able to gain the most from this course.

At the end of the course, there is an assessment to consolidate the knowledge.

The estimated guided learning time for this course is 2 hours, but you should spend as long as you need to take in all of the information before moving on to the next lesson and ensure you plan time into your learning to practice.

We hope you enjoy learning British Sign Language.

Good luck!

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Explain what British Sign Language is and is not
  • Know how to sign the BSL Manual Alphabet and numbers
  • Understand some of the differences between English and BSL
  • Introduce yourself using BSL
  • Start and end a conversation in BSL
  • Ask basic questions in BSL
  • Recognise some basic vocabulary in BSL
  • Refer to appropriate Apps and websites linked with BSL


Make sure you are comfortable and away from other distractions.

Video Speed

Each video on this course can be slowed down if needed to help with learning signs. To change the speed click on the ‘1x’ button or the cog icon (depending on your browser version) on the bottom right of the video and select the desired speed.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

It is often useful to practice signing in front of a mirror or phone/computer camera so that you can see what you are doing and practise different facial expressions. It is important to become comfortable doing this as it is a key part of BSL.


Within our website, we have integrated accessibility tools? To use these, click on this symbol and select the adjustments you require.

CPD Approved

Our courses have received CPD approval, which means they have been officially endorsed and approved by the Continuing Professional Development organisation.

Final Assessment

Once you have completed each lesson, you are required to take a final assessment. To receive your certificate of completion, you need to achieve at least 80%. You can retake this assessment three times. If, after the third time, you have not passed the assignment, we will be unable to issue you with a certificate of completion.

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This course counts towards 2-hours of approved CPD

Finger Spelling Alphabet Numbers

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